About Us

Do you have a custom home that needs to reflect your personality and taste––but find it difficult to articulate your vision? Or perhaps you are looking to update you current home—bringing it up-to-date with your modern or desired lifestyle?

Brenda MacPherson Design specializes in making dreams a reality.

At BMD, our sole purpose is to create an environment that is both functional, and reflects the lifestyle and personality of the individual. Whether it be modern, traditional, or eclectic tastes, BMD has the experience to fulfill your vision.

Within the design profession, there is a multitude of facets that need to be managed to ensure that a project is successful. For us, our focus has always been one that reflects and encompasses all aspects of the design project. From the importance of understanding the client’s vision, to ensuring that materials, trades people, and timelines are always accounted for, our staff of design professionals make it our mission to manage all relationships—making your vision a reality.

Our time-tested processes have been created to simplify the design process, to save time, effort, and ultimately money. By streamlining all aspects of the design phases, our processes ensure that all project attributes are accounted for; applied to our stringent design consulting service’s project guidelines; and that team members and clients alike are kept abreast of all details on a continuous basis. This enables client insight at all phases of the project and ensure that expectations are continuously met.

For more than 20+ years, BMD has created designs that capture our client’s vision. We have accomplished this by having access to the top consultants in the industry—from architects and builders, to trades people and suppliers, we have the network that can work for you.

We look forward to making your vision your reality.